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Food and Health Seminar – Mindful Eating, Meals and Yoga

  • Suzannah Smart – Accredited Practising Dietitian and Accredited Nutritionist; Maddie Freeman – Accredited Practising Dietitian and Credentialled Diabetes Educator; Pamela Kirgianis, Certified Yoga Teacher, Certified Diabetes Educator and Pharmacist.


World Diabetes Day – Innovations in Diabetes Management

  • Dr Toby Coates – Endocrinologist; Shaun Johnson – CDE & RN; Professor Chris Rayner; Dr David Jesudason – Endocrinologist

National Diabetes Week – Taking Action for Your Health and Wellbeing

  • Miriam Henke – Psychologist; Dr Parind Vora – Endocrinologist; Lynne Corbett – Podiatrist and Credentialled Diabetes Educator 


World Diabetes Day – Innovation and Emerging Trends in Diabetes Management

  • Dr Anthony Zimmermann – Endocrinologist; Rachel Martin – Clinical Psychologist; Dr Jessica Stranks; Dr Anjana Radhakutty.

National Diabetes Week – A Prescription for Your Future

  • Penny Clough, Kidney Health Australia – Kidney Health and Diabetes;  Joanne Tan, PhD, Senior Postdoctoral Researcher, SAHMRI – The Heart and Diabetes; Jason Booth, Senior Optometrist, Flinders Vision – Eye Care and Diabetes.

Health Professional Seminar – Challenging Complications

  • Laura Lunardi, Nephrology Nurse Practitioner – Kidney Health and Diabetes; Joanne Tan, PhD, Senior Postdoctoral Researcher, SAHMRI – Heart Health & Diabetes; Ben Hamlyn, Optometrist, Flinders Vision – Eye Care & Diabetes.

Food and Health Seminar – The Prescription for Wellbeing

  • Peter Clifton, Professor of Nutrition – What's the Deal with Salt and Alcohol?; Dr Evangeline Mantzioris, Program Director of Nutrition and Food Science – Is the Mediterranean Diet Good for Diabetes?; Cherie Noble, Accredited Exercise Physiologist – Exercise to Prevent Diabetes Complications.


Research and Innovations in Diabetes Management (2018)

  • Professor Toby Coates – Islets Transplanted in the Skin and the New Pancreas Transplants; Dr Jessica Stranks – Technology and Diabetes; Professor Christopher Rayner – Gut Function and Diabetes; Miriam Henke, Health Psychologist – Mental Wellbeing for the Whole Family.

Health Professional Seminar – Latest Evidence with a Person-Centred Care Approach

  • Professor Richard Young, Theme Leader SAHMRI, University of Adelaide – Sweeteners, Gastrointestinal System and Glucose Absorption; Dr Ana McCarthy, Obsteric Medicine Registrar, Lyell McEwin Hospital – Advances in Practice with Diabetes Medications.

National Diabetes Week – Person Centred Care

  • Professor Michael Horowitz – The Stomach and Diabetes; Dr Christina Bursill – The Good Cholesterol Increases Wound Healing in Diabetes; Claire Oliver, Accredited Practising Dietitian – Creating Your Own Healthy Eating Plan.

Food and Health Seminar – Whole Picture

  • Professor Richard Young – Sweetener vs Sugar; Thomas Pretlove, Accredited Exercise Physiologist – Benefits of Exercise for People with Diabetes; Anissia Fairlie, Accredited Practising Dietitian – The Evidence for a Range of Dietary Patterns with the Best Outcomes for People Living with Diabetes.


Research and Innovations in Diabetes Management (2017)

  • Associate Professor David O'Neal – Research into the Artificial Pancreas; Associate Professor Stephen Stranks – Latest Drug Therapies Available for People Living with Type 1 Diabetes and Immunotherapy to Preserve Beta Cell Function in People Newly Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

National Diabetes Week – Diabetes Behind Closed Doors

  • Dr Ian Tucker, Urogynaecologist – Continence and Women's Health; Dr Kim Pese, Urologist – Diabetes, Continence and Sexual Health; Dr Siobhan Banks, Sleep Scientist – Diabetes and Sleep.

Health Professional Seminar – The Highs and Lows of Carbohydrates

  • Associate Professor Grant Brinkworth, Principal Research Scientist, CSIRO – A Low Carbohydrate, High Saturated / Low Saturated Fat Diet, Compared to a High Unrefined Carbohydrate and Low Fat Diet in People Living with Type 2 Diabetes; Professor Peter Clifton – Dairy Consumption and the Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes; Professor Kerin O'Dea – Nutritional Composition and Health Benefits of the Traditional Diet of Australian Aboriginal People.

Food and Health Seminar – Healthy Gut — The Facts on Fibre

  • Glen Cardwell, Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian – Vegetables, Grains and Legumes; Dr Trevor Lockett, CSIRO Research Scientist – How Different Types of Fibre Interact with the Gut; Cooking Demonstration – How to Prepare and Incorporate More Legumes and Vegetables into Your Diet.


Research and Innovations in Diabetes Management

  • Professor Toby Coates – Latest Research into Islet Cell Transplantation and Ways of Protecting Transplanted Pancreatic Beta Cells; Professor Nikolai Petrovsky – Latest Research into Nutrition Therapy; Professor Jennifer Couper – Latest Research into the Prevention of Type 1 Diabetes and How Environmental Factors Can Impact the Development of Type 1 Diabetes.

National Diabetes Week Seminar – Understanding Diabetes Complications

  • Dr Matthew Worthley, Cardiologist – Diabetes and Your Heart; Dr Chris Rayner, Gastroenterologist – Diabetes and Digestive System; Miriam Henke, Psychologist – Diabetes and Mental Wellbeing.  

Food and Health Seminar – Fats and Fads

  • Dr Welma Stonehouse, Senior Research Scientist, CSIRO – Why Include Healthy Fats in Your Diet; Pennie Taylor, Senior Research Dietitian, CSIRO – Fad Diets and Foods, and Why It Is Important to Seek Individualised Advice Based on Research Evidence; Diabetes Cooking Demonstration.


Food and Health Seminar – Mediterranean Magic

  • Alison Coates, PhD, RNutr – Legumes and Nuts as Part of a Mediterranean Style of Eating; Glen Cardwell, Accredited Practising Dietitian – Mushrooms & Vegetables and the Fresh Compounds in Fresh Produce; Diabetes SA Cooking Demonstration.


National Diabetes Week – Food and Exercise as Medicine

  • Chris Cashman, Accredited Practising Dietitian – Incorporating Grains and Legumes into Your Diet; Dr Parind Vora, Endocrinologist – Type 1 Diabetes and Exercise; Claire Neylon, Exercise Physiologist – Investigating the Impact of Exercise on Blood Glucose Levels.

Food and Health Seminar – The Power of Food

  • Professor Manny Noakes, Research Program Leader, CSIRO – The Role of Carbohydrate and Protein Foods, Strategies for Weight Management; Pennie Taylor, Senior Research Dietitian, CSIRO – Mushrooms and Our Health.

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