Our Strategic Plan

Diabetes continues to be one of Australia’s greatest health challenges with South Australia experiencing the highest rates in the nation.

Diabetes impacts not only the person living with the condition: it affects carers, families, the community and the health system.

It is the leading cause of debilitating complications including heart disease, kidney failure, vision loss, amputation and mental health conditions and is amongst the top chronic health conditions contributing to potentially preventable hospitalisations.

Increasing levels of intervention and investment are required if we are to change the trajectory of diabetes in our State.

Our Strategic Plan outlines the key strategies and places significant focus on the following areas:

Our Impact

  • Better policies, funding and services for diabetes backed by diabetes research and informed by people’s lived experience of diabetes.
  • Wider community awareness of the signs, symptoms, and risk factors of diabetes and how, where, and when to access support.
  • Fewer people developing type 2 diabetes.
  • Earlier management and prevention of diabetes related complications, leading to reduced numbers of complications particularly for the most vulnerable.
  • Reduction in personal and financial costs associated with diabetes and lower costs to the health system.
  • Reduced cultural and distance-related inequities of access to high quality preventative information and support.
  • Increase in funding for diabetes research for improved programs and services; advancement of prevention, detection, treatment outcomes; and ultimately a cure for diabetes.